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Sauna Refurbishments

A busy commercial sauna cabin running 18 hours a day can look very dilapidated after just 4 or 5 years. The bench tops and walls will have become stained, the underside of the benches will have begun to rot and harbour smelly bacteria. In areas close to the heater the timber walls will appear scorched and in very poor condition. This is caused by the volatiles slowly leaving the timber which can often leave a charcoal appearance. It's at this stage of a saunas lifespan that we can give your sauna a very cost effective, new lease of life.

We offer a sauna refurbishment service that will leave your sauna cabin looking as good as the day it was installed. The old benching is removed and a new reflective moisture barrier is installed on the walls. The walls and ceiling are then re-clad with new timber and trims. New benching and support modules are then installed along with, bench fronts, backrests and in many cases modern IP68 Led sauna lighting.

If your facility's sauna is looking tired, then give us a call. We can provide CAD drawings of your sauna cabin and costs to get it looking as good as new again. We can also supply complete refurbishments kits and instructions to enable you to carry out the work in-house if you prefer.
However, usually best to get the professionals in!

We can supply a range of kiln dried sauna timber in Pine, Canadian Hemlock, Western Red Cedar or Obechi. Contact us for details and prices of the different timbers available.

Sven Sauna Refurbishment


Virgin Active asked us to improve a large commercial sauna at one of their sites in West London. As you can see it was in a poor state.

Sven Sauna Refurbishment


Our team soon had the benches removed and are getting prepared for the installation of two new Sven Underbench Sauna heaters.

Sven Sauna Refurbishment


This whole refurb was carried out by a team of three in one day. Everything is pre-cut and manufactured back at our factory so that your business critical sauna is down for as little time as possible….We all know how upset your customers can get when the sauna is out of action!