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Underbench sauna heater

Available in 9kw and 12kw output.
Sven Underbench sauna heater

Part No. SVH0U9


The Sven Underbench sauna heater is an extremely popular choice for those sites which are safety conscious, and is used predominately throughout the David Lloyd and Virgin activeestates. The unit comes as 9kw and 12kw versions and can be doubled up if higher outputs are required.

Each unit is supplied with a large 40kg sauna stone capacity and has a stainless-steel hopper which can be recessed into the sauna wall or bulkhead (false heater wall) to facilitate water and essence dosing. We offer automated water and essence dosing with our complete range of commercial sauna heaters so please enquire if you would prefer this option.

The sauna heater as standard is manually dosed with water via the water feed hopper and water is distributed evenly over the coals via a copper distribution pipe.
For complete reliability, the 6 sauna heating elements are arranged in a row and not stacked one above the other as with other manufacturers. When elements are stacked, the top elements are under more strain and the sauna element connection terminals get hotter due to the output from the sauna heating elements below. The Sven sauna heating element system increases the reliability and lifespan of the sauna heater.
Because of our design, elements are accessed by the removal of just two screws and are easily accessed from the top of the unit. His makes the Sven Underbench sauna heater range the number 1 choice for commercial sauna operators.
The stainless steel Sven sauna heating elements are compressed during manufacture making them perfectly safe for water to be poured directly onto them. The same as an electrical element for a cooker hob.

Specification Underbench
Construction Corrosion resistant steel
Water dosing Via stainless steel hopper and heart resistant silicone hose. Autodosing is available as an optional extra.
Stone capacity 40kg
Output 9kw and 12kw

Underbench sauna heater