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Available in 12kw, 15kw and 18kw output.
Germanius Sauna Heater

Part No. Sauna-Tower


For the sauna where it’s all about looks. Domestic of commercial the Germanius is a superb heavy duty sauna heater. The use of die cast alluminium wings either side gives the heater a throne shape and makes it a fantastic focal point for any sauna. The special front window allows the glowing elements to shine through giving a spectacular fireplace effect. As with all our range of commercial sauna heaters the Germanius is robust and easily serviceable.

Side panels Die cast aluminium with anthracite pearl effect powder coated finish
Front Curved smoked quartz glass panel
Top Brushed stainless steel
Back Stainless steel polished
Stone compartment Stainless steel above and separate to heating elements
Stone capacity 60kg
Terminal box Stainless steel at rear side
Dims HWDmm 918 x 618 x 510

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