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Sauna Heaters

The Sven range of commercial sauna heaters are used by 100’s of commercial leisure operators across the UK.
The Sven commercial ranges of sauna heaters are all extremely safe, hard wearing and totally reliable. Should an element blow we always hold stock of replacement elements for the complete range. Contact our service department for prices on any elements you may require even if they are not from the Sven range.

When considering what commercial sauna heater to choose, there are three important factors to consider.

1. Efficiency. The sauna elements transfer heat to the sauna coals which in turn act like 100’s of mini storage heaters which will continue to heat the sauna after the heater elements have shut down at reaching set point. This will help to maintain the sauna temperature for longer before the sauna heater needs to switch on again. With the larger sauna heaters the stones will store the heat until the next day following the sites switch off procedure. The bigger the weight of stones the heater can accommodate the more economical the heater will be to run. More stones also mean your clients can dose water more regularly and without fear of overdosing. A humid atmosphere in a sauna as well as increasing temperature also serves to condition the timber and prevents it going bone dry and scorched. Many commercial operators choose to remove dosing buckets from their saunas to stop the public from adding water to the sauna stones. This is a big mistake and will drastically reduce the lifespan of your sauna.

2. Reliability. The high quality of the sauna elements in a sauna heater is paramount. Sven sauna elements are compressed in the same fashion as an old style electric cooker hob. They can withstand endless water shocks and being made of stainless steel they are completely corrosion resistant.

3. Ease of maintenance. A commercial sauna heater works hard usually in excess of 16 hours a day. It is important that the elements are easily accessible and to save maintenance costs that an engineer’s time on site during Programmed Preventative Maintenance is kept to a minimum. The Sven range of commercial sauna heaters are designed for ease of maintenance and internal accessibility. The elements are never arranged one above the other, in particular with our range of Underbench Sauna Heaters. The top elements when arranged one above the other are prone to failing prematurely.

If you need advice on the output of the heater you require simply call us with the width length and height of your sauna and we will work out the output for you.

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Underbench sauna heater

Part No. SVH0U9

Available in 9kw and 12kw output.

Finnrock Heater

Part No. Finrock

Available in 7.5kw, 9kw and 12kw output.


Part No. Sauna-Tower

Available in 9kw, 12kw, 15kw and 18kw output.


Part No. Sauna-Tower

Available in 12kw, 15kw and 18kw output.

Profi Range

Part No. Profi-Range

Available in 18kw to 36kw output. The original range of commercial sauna heaters from Sven, and still the best value high output units available.


Part No. ThermoTec

Available in 6kw, 7.5kw and 9kw output.


Part No. Thermat

Available in 4.5kw, 6kw and 7.5kw output.