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Sauna Controllers

In designing and developing our range of Sauna and Sanarium controllers, safety and reliability were at the forefront of our minds. The Sven range of commercial sauna controllers are in use all over the country by leisure operators who appreciate the peace of mind our products offer.

Sven Sauna Controller

Sven ET15S Sauna Control Unit

This electronic control unit is a real workhorse. It is straightforward and easy to use with a simple dial to set the temperature. The unit regulates the temperature in the sauna between 70°C and 110°C. The sauna is protected by the installation of a thermal fuse within the temperature sensor which will blow in the event that the sauna reaches unsafe temperature levels (129 deg C) This will lock out the operation of the sauna heater until the fuse is replaced. This fuse is located within the temperature sensor cage located in the sauna cabin.

With the use of slave contactor relays the ET15S will run any size sauna heater. On its own it will switch up to 15KW. The only controller to do so on the UK market.

By adjusting a small row of 4 toggle switches inside the unit, the ET15S can be set to run for 6, 12 or 18 hours and switch off automatically. The unit is then re-set each morning after your best practice checks. Alternatively, the ET15S sauna control unit can be programmed to run continuously and configured to 7-day programmable timer which will turn the sauna on and off.

ET15S Manual (pdf)

Sven Sauna Controller

Sven ECON-D3 Sauna Control Unit

The Econ-D3 is a smaller unit which will switch up to 9kw on its own. However, configured to run a series of slave contactor relays this unit will also run any size sauna heater. Unlike the ET15S, the ECON-D3 has a digital display. Any run time can be programmed in and the unit can be set to switch off after any run time up to 18hours.
This same control unit can also be used to operate a steam generator and sauna heater simultaneously.

Sven ECON–H3 Sanarium Control Unit

Identical in appearance to the ECON–D3, the ECON-H3 has the capacity to operate as a sauna control unit or a Sanarium control unit. We can install this unit to operate a steam generator and a sauna heater simultaneously. This effectively allows the humidity in the sauna to be controlled, and if desired increased to much higher levels than conventional water dosing will allow. This form of bathing is commonly referred to as Sanarium bathing. When in Sanarium mode the unit will allow a max internal temp of 67degC. However, at high humidity this feels like a sauna at 90degC. The high humidity prevents sweat from instantly evaporating. You will leave a Sanarium very wet so always use a towel.

ECON-D3 Control Manual (pdf)

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