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Sauna Benching Parts

All the components that make up our range of commercial sauna benching are available separately. We can also machine bespoke timber profiles to match you existing sauna. Call us on 01234 256666 for any help and information you may require.

We will cut timber for delivery to site in lengths up to 3m. If you email us a cutting list of the different profiles you require, the lengths of each profile in mm, and the number of pieces you need, we can cut everything ready for you to fit.

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Sauna benching 5s-515

Part No. SB01

Supplied per linear metre. ​​5 slat 515mm wide.

Sauna benching 6s-620

Part No. SB05

Supplied per linear metre. ​​6 slat 620mm wide.

Curved front sauna benching 5sc-515

Part No. SB06

Supplied per linear metre. ​​5 slat 515mm wide.

Curved front sauna benching 6sc-620

Part No. SB07

Supplied per linear metre. ​​6 slat 620mm wide

Sauna Back rest

Part No. SB-BR02

Sauna Back rest.

Sauna bench front

Part No. SB03

The angled connectors locate onto similar connectors fitted to the support modules. This ensures easy removal by simply lifting the backrests up and out.

Obechi Sauna Bench Framing

Part No. SVS10

(All Saunas) 69mm x 45mm.

Sauna Bench Cross Rail 5s-515

Part No. SVS11

To suit 5 slat 515mm wide Sven Sauna benches.

Sauna Bench Cross Rail 6s-620

Part No. SVS11A

To suit 6 slat 620mm wide Sven Sauna benches.

Clear Polymer Adhesive

Part No. POLI

Strong, waterproof adhesive for bonding Obechi bench components.

Obechi Sauna Bench slat

Part No. SVS07

25mm x 95mm. Machined with a 10mm radius on each side..