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Commercial Sauna Benching

Sven manufacture the safest and most robust sauna benches in the UK Sauna market. All fixings are stainless steel and each joint is further strengthened by a specially developed clear polymer adhesive.

It is vital that commercial sauna benching is kept in tip top condition. It can easily rot and soon collapse, especially in busy saunas. Regular inspection is often overlooked by operators which can result in expensive claims in the event of a collapse. A regular PPM service schedule will give you peace of mind so please visit the PPM/service section of this site for further details.

If you need a quote to replace your sauna benches, please give us a call. We will be happy to visit your site and produce a detailed CAD drawing and quotation. A complete installation kit can be delivered to you along with CAD drawings to fit your sauna. The drawing will show the installation procedure or we can install for you.

Many of our saunas operate in sites that have in excess of 1000 people a day entering and exiting the cabin. Some of our larger cabins accommodate up to 30 people, and most of these users will have entered the sauna having just left the pool or shower, they will sit on the benches and leave behind a pool of water and this is constant 18 hours a day. Sven commercial sauna benches are designed to withstand these rigours of commercial use.

This is why close attention in the design of our Commercial sauna benching is given to use on poolside. As a commercial operator you need peace of mind that your sauna benching is not going to collapse and cause injury. This is why we build the highest quality sauna benching on the market. Our benches are made entirely from a specialist West African hardwood called Obechi. (Sometimes referred to a Abachi) This is the least dense hardwood on the planet and is renowned for its ability to withstand high temperatures and humidity levels without retaining heat. The complete Sven bench assembly is made from this timber including the framework and cross rails. Unlike our competitors who use cheaper pine in these areas.

Stepped cross-rail design

A standard Sven Commercial sauna bench sample showing our unique stepped cross rail design. This ensures the weight of the sauna users is transferred directly to the framework and bench support modules, and is not carried by fixings alone. All fixings used in the production of Sven commercial sauna benching are stainless steel.

Standard 515mm wide 5 slat Sven Commercial Sauna Bench
Standard 515mm wide 5 slat Sven Commercial Sauna Bench Sample. Pt No SB01. This can be ordered per metre.
Cut Grooves
Two special grooves 1mm deep are machined into the underside of each bench slat. This provides space for a specialist polymer adhesive which creates a near indestructible bond to the framework, and also serves to protect the stainless steel fixing. Note each individual fixing is also hidden inside a deep countersink to further protect it from water damage.
Curved sauna bench design
We also offer a range of commercial sauna benches with a special curved front design.

A typical sauna bench installation will include replacement backrests and removable bench fronts which fill the space between the top and bottom tiers.

We can produce three tier bench configurations and even four tier in exceptionally large cabins.

We can also bespoke build to your dimensional requirements to replicate and match your particular installation, just in case you just need to replace one damaged bench.

Sauna Bench Manufacturing
hydraulic work station

Each fixing is protected from water damage by the countersink created in the Crossrail by our purpose built multi-bore machine.
Our purpose built hydraulic work station clamps all the components of a commercial sauna bench together whilst gluing and fixing takes place. This ensures the benches are tight and exceptionally strong.

Sauna Bench Assembly
A sauna bench build in progress showing bench fronts fitted. These bench fronts simply lift off for easy inspection and cleaning beneath the sauna benches.
Details of our bench fronts and backrests can be found in the sauna accessories section.
Sauna Bench Assembly Completed
The completed bench assembly.
Bench production drawing
You can either send us the internal dimensions of your sauna or we can come and survey it for you. A CAD drawing will then be produced specific to your installation, showing the support module layout and bench configuration. Installation can be carried out in-house or by our dedicated team of installers.

Sven Sauna Installation 

Sven Sauna installation carried out at David Lloyd - Gidea Park
A Sven Sauna installation carried out at David Lloyd - Gidea Park. This installation shows standard 515mm wide benching in three tier and two tier configurations. Typically, an installation will include removable bench front skirts and backrests corresponding to the top bench locations.