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Universal Door Hinge

Part No. SVS02

Used throughout the leisure industry for saunas and steamrooms.

Silicone sauna door seal

Part No. ACC021

This seal pushes into a 2mm rebate in the door frame.

Heavy duty sprung roller door catch

Part No. ACC020

The roller locates onto our specially designed door handle for a strong contact between glass and heat resistant silicone sauna door seal.

Internal sauna door handle

Part No. ACC017

Finished in Oak.

External sauna door handle in Oak

Part No. ACC018

Finished in Oak.

Magnetic door handle assembly

Part No. ACC019

Complete with magnets for installation.

Traditional sauna bucket

Part No. ACC001

Manufactured in larch with two galvanised steel hoops.

Plastic Liner for sauna bucket

Part No. ACC002

Suitable for use with ACC001.

Traditional wooden sauna ladle

Part No. ACC003

With leather strap to hang on the sauna wall when not in use.

Sauna Coals - 10kg box

Part No. ACC004

Sauna stones, sauna rocks.

Sauna thermometer

Part No. ACC005

120mm diameter.

Sauna thermometer in Chrome

Part No. ACC005C

100mm diameter.

Sauna thermometer with wooden surround

Part No. ACC005W150

155mm diameter.

Sauna Hygrometer

Part No. ACC006

120mm diameter.

Traditional porcelain sauna light fitting

Part No. ACC008

Withstands temperatures up to 140 deg C. E27 (Large screw in bulb type).

Replacement glass globe

Part No. ACC008G

Suitable for use with Traditional porcelain sauna light fitting ACC008.

Wooden lamp shade for sauna lights

Part No. ACC009

Fits over ACC008 and ACC031.

High output LED downlight

Part No. SVLED03

IP68 Heat resistant. Frosted polycarbonate lens c/w fixing ring and screws.

6 way plug and play driver for SVLED03

Part No. SVLED01

Can drive up to 6 LED lights. Also available in 12 way.

Sauna Heater Guard

Part No. ACC011

We can bespoke manufacture any size heater guard in a variety of styles and shapes.

Sauna Clock in wooden casing

Part No. ACC012

Good to 120 degC, mains powered.

Stainless water feed hopper

Part No. ACC024

This unit is fixed to the front of, or recessed behind the bulkhead wall.

Water feed hopper guard

Part No. ACC023

Protects the user from the stainless steel hopper which feeds water on to our range of Underbench commercial sauna heaters.

Galvanised Mesh

Part No. ACC025

2440mm x 300mm. Designed to protect the heater from foreign objects.

Surface mounted door closure

Part No. ACC029

For use with magnetic handle and closure system only.​